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We provide a comprehensive service package which can be tailored to clients' requirements.

New York City

EU Taxonomy & ESG Services

We closely follow the latest developments in the European Union's Taxonomy and sustainability disclosure regulations. We help our clients understand and report on the sustainability implications of their projects, financial investments, operations, and organistional strategies. We help prepare projects for achieving EU Taxonomy compliance, assess climate related risks and opportunities and develop sustanibility strategies and targets for buildings, portfolios and supply chains.

Green Building Certification

In Central-Eastern Europe, we are market leaders in providing green building consultancy services and our team has extensive experience in BREEAM, LEED, EDGE and other frameworks. We support clients throughout the process and offer optional services to achieve additional credits. 

  • Gap analysis and credit strategy

  • Regular meetings and project management support

  • Optional services provided by our team or trusted subcontractors (life cycle assessments, energy and biodiversity studies, sustainable procurement strategies, travel plans, etc.)


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Healthy, Safe and Inclusive Buildings

We  advise on design solutions and management practices that create better, healthier and safer environments for everyone.

Society has never placed as much value on physical and mental well-being as it does today. We work with evidence-based, third-party verified frameworks such as WELL, Access4you and Active Score to help clients mark their commitment to putting people first and improve their ‚Social’ ESG score.

Our key services for new and existing buildings:

  • WELL Certification: the whole system approach the user wellbeing, adopted by a growing number of projects worldwide.

  • WELL Health and Safety rating: a simple and effective way of dealing with critical health and safety issues through building management.

  • Access4You: supports equality by recognising spaces that are accessible and welcoming for everyone.

  • Active Score: future proof assets for active travel and set benchmarks for Active Travel standards.

Climate & Energy Services

To secure their future, businesses must reduce their carbon emissions and prepare for the effects of climate change. Greenbors can support your business to evaluate, reduce and manage climate risks, develop a comprehensive net zero strategy and provide credible third party verification.

  • Comprehensive carbon calculations for buildings, projects and processes

  • Science based target setting

  • Feasibility studies and financial assessments

  • Carbon offsetting

  • Roadmap and Zero Carbon strategy development

  • Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CREEM) studies

  • Sectoral and local benchmarking

  • Third-party verification and reporting


Sustainability Management

We provide consultancy services to investors and operators to set sustainability strategies and implement them to improve sustainability performance. We assist with assessing risks and identifying opportunities to achieve compliance with national and international requirements and go beyond. 

  • Sustainability strategy development and programme setting

  • Corporate sustainability management advisory

  • Sustainability reporting and communication

  • Circular Economy - waste and material management

  • Sustainable transport and infrastructure services

  • Stakeholder management

  • Life Cycle and Life Cycle Cost Assessments


Bespoke Solutions

Do you need something different? Or not sure where to start your sustainability journey?

The first step in our work is to understand our clients' vision and requirements. We are always keen to have a discussion and explore new ideas and innovative sustainability practices. Our team enjoys a challenge and keeps up to date with the latest research and development. We can draw upon our staff's experience, resources and extensive network of partners to provide a bespoke service that is right for you. Contact us to find out more about what we can do!


Contact Us

Seregely utca 3-5, Budapest 1037 Hungary

+36 30 336 2718 or +36 20 968 6489

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