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Our Value

With the approach of the holiday season ❄️ we are reminded that Christmas is really about giving🎄🎁. We at Greenbors Consulting strongly believe in this message and do our best to reflect it in our actions through pro-bono work & charity support. Therefore this week we would like to highlight the volunteering activities of two of our colleagues:

Our colleague, Katinka Batta has spent company time at the Bátor Tábor summer camp where she helped provide life-changing experiences for kids and teens who fight with oncological, chronic, or other serious diseases. Moreover, Zsombor Barta, MRICS volunteers his time as a trustee at the BADUR. The foundation works towards tackling poverty and inequality through education and social enterprise in Hungary. They also support the SDGs and promote global sustainable development.

Finally, as our yearly tradition, we donate to WWF every Christmas. 

You can find more on how you can help these organizations below:

Bátor Tábor:



Thank you Zsombor and Katinka for representing our company and the effort towards making our society more resilient and sustainable!

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