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At Greenbors WE CARE

At Greenbors Consulting, we believe in building a better, more sustainable and equal world. 

Our mission is to provide innovative consulting services to help businesses, and communities reduce their carbon footprint and create a more sustainable building infrastructure. 

We care about our planet, about our people and about our society


We are dedicated to being responsible corporate citizens by promoting sustainability, protecting the environment, and giving back to the community.  Therefore we incorporate sustainability into every aspect of our operations, from the materials and processes we use in our offices to the transportation methods we employ. 


Circular Economy, Sharing Economy, Decarbonisation:

  • Almost all of our laptops are recycled and up-cycled. 

  • We use mostly recycled office furnitures. 

  • We do not print business cards, instead we have individual stamps, so we can create individual business cards on recycled materials, if really needed. 

  • Even our office plants are recycled, as we protected them for being thrown away and gave them a second life in our office. 

  • If individual car travel is needed, we use car-sharing services instead of company cars in order to reduce our environmental impact.

  • Almost all of our colleagues are using public transportation or micro-mobility devices in order to keep our negative impacts related to commuting also as low as possible.


All of us are enthusiastic travellers, however to keep our business travel related impacts as low as possible, we prefer rather online meetings instead of personal meetings (which would need significant travelling). 

In addition, we are committed to conducting our business with integrity and the highest ethical standards. Our actions and decisions impact our success and the well-being of our employees, customers, and the communities in which we operate. We believe in treating all individuals with respect, equality and fairness, and in providing a safe and healthy workplace. Our management team makes it a policy to listen to the needs of the employees in order to create an ideal and motivating working environment. Among the benefits we provide private healthcare services and flexible working that suit an employee's needs. For example, having flexible start and finish times, or working from home gives our team a chance for better time management and work-life balance.

Also, our office is a dog friendly office, Mazsi acts as our Head of Security :-)

We also take our responsibility to society seriously and are committed to making a positive impact not just with our everyday work but also through pro-bono activities & charity support.


Our colleague, Katinka Batta has spent company time at the Bátor Tábor summer camp where she helped provide life-changing experiences for kids and teens who fight with oncological, chronic, or other serious diseases. Moreover, Zsombor Barta, MRICS volunteers his time as a trustee at the BADUR Foundation. The foundation works towards tackling poverty and inequality through education and social enterprise in Hungary, UK, South-East Asia and Malta. They also support the UN SDGs and promote global sustainable development. Gábor Szarvas and Zsombor Barta are both active members of the Hungary Green Building Council (HuGBC) and provide pro-bono time as supervisory board member and as the HuGBC’s president for the council. 

Therefore we at Greenbors Consulting care not just about the environment, but the people that live in it and the generations to come. Therefore our goal is to create value for all of our stakeholders while contributing to the betterment of the world around us. 

Finally, as our yearly tradition, we donate to WWF every Christmas. 

You can find more on how you can help these organizations below:

Bátor Tábor: 



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