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Regina Kurucz joined Greenbors as WELL Specialist

Have you heard the news? Regina Kurucz, accredited architect and Hungary’s first WELL Faculty has joined our team at Greenbors as a WELL Specialist.

Regina has close to 20 years’ experience in the real estate sector as a designer and consultant. If you have crossed paths, you will know that she is an advocate for creating high quality spaces that prioritise user health and wellbeing.

After a successful career as a Coordinating Architect and Building Energy Assessment Professional, Regina has found her passion as a WELL and ActiveScore adviser and helped introduce certification systems for healthy buildings in Hungary. She has been involved in the certification process or WELL due diligence of nearly 20 projects so far and is constantly searching for innovative products, technologies and procedures that can enhance user experience in the built environment. Besides the application of international innovative solutions, she places great emphasis on country- and user-specific applications.

At Greenbors we are excited to work with Regina and add creating healthy spaces as a new, key objective to our green portfolio.

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