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Further Education provided by our delegates: SEED-Corvinus Executive Courses

The SustainABLE Leader | Act on Purpose – Turning Concepts into Actionsfrom 6 October 2022 with Beáta Barkóczi, Dr. Bálint Horváth and Zsombor Barta

The program is based on the realization that while sustainability is often talked about even in a corporate setting, usually the discussion remains on a very high level. The goal is to connect high-level goals and actions with the everyday reality of corporate middle management and lead to realizations that practical solutions are within reach.

The program aims to make a difference between industry-specific, usually large-scale solutions, mostly best left to global top management and specialized experts, and generally applicable, cross-industry, mid- or small-scale solutions that can be realized in the framework of business-as-usual corporate life.

The program differentiates between key goals under the umbrella notion of sustainability and aims to introduce the development of the concept. It is important to enable participants to choose the emphasis of their commitments towards sustainability based on a sophisticated understanding.

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