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Access4You and Greenbors

We at Greenbors are excited that we can now also provide Access4you certification to our clients, including accessibility assessment and evaluation during design and construction as well as for existing buildings. We have now become accredited to provide Access4you certification internationally.

Social inclusion has always been part of our company values; therefore, this partnership will reinforce our company goals and will hopefully steer the real estate sector towards a more inclusive built environment.

Greenbors is proud to announce that we have signed a partnership agreement with Access4you, a certification framework for an inclusive, sustainable, and collaborative social environment. Access4you certification promotes accessibility by encouraging organisations to create an accessible environment and by providing credible, detailed information about these spaces to people. By focusing on accessibility and inclusion, Access4you plays a key role in addressing the Social aspect of ESG ratings and benchmarks and should become a vital part of environmentally conscious buildings.

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