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Certified Sustainability Manager Training provided by Zsombor Barta

The title is to be understood literally: 2020 was the first year in the history of the earth when the so-called anthropogenic mass, i.e. man-made mass, i.e. buildings, movables and objects it weighed more than all the plants and animals on Earth. "For this mass the largest share is concrete and infrastructure, and this is a big problem", says Zsombor Barta, President of the Hungarian Environmentally Conscious Building Association (HuGBC), Green Brands sustainability manager training instructor. The Hungarian member organization of the international network deals with what Zsombor Barta teaches: how to make and maintain the development of the built environment in a sustainable direction, how it is possible to eliminate the sector's deep ecological footprint. “In the online video series and in the face-to-face meeting with the students, it is global I will explain facts and trends through focus, and we will see what frameworks, international good practices exist to put the architecture and construction industry on a sustainable path let's say", he says. The president of HuGBC also mentions a good example, similar to which Certified presents Sustainability Manager (CSM) training. "It is related to the circular economy Temporary Court House in Amsterdam, which for that period were erected until the final courthouse was completed. A modular, LEGO-like, however, you have to think about a large building that meets all needs, but when it has fulfilled its function, it can be taken apart and reassembled elsewhere, where necessary on it." According to Zsombor Barta, there are "painfully few" similar examples in the construction industry, although there are we can mention the ABN Amro Bank Circle building, where it is in the spirit of recycling the insulation was made from employees' jeans.

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