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BBJ Article: Coronavirus Accelerates Changes in Office Design

Approaches to office design and organization are changing in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, accelerating a process already underway due to changing tenant and staff demands and increasingly stringent sustainability regulations and practices.

Office interiors are a central element of the concept, design, property and facility management of office projects. This is a response to ever more complex and sophisticated demands from office users, more stringent sustainability and environmental regulations, and health and safety issues related to COVID and its aftermath. With hybrid office use (a blend of working from home and in a central space), design priorities are now based on communal areas, collaborative spaces and meeting rooms, according to Zsombor Barta, president of the Hungarian Green Building Council (HuGBC). “The trend had already started before the pandemic to develop or restyle the office to create more interactive and flexible places, where creative ideas can be grown, human interactions are possible, and diverse working places are integrated,” he says. “This is becoming even more important for the future. Also, the time has passed for over-crowded and fully packed offices places; mainly because of hygienic and pandemic issues,” Barta adds.


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