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Zsombor Barta was the guest of the Több, mint zöld! podcast.

💡 In December, Zsombor Barta, Senior Parliamentary Advisor of the National Council for Sustainable Development and our founding partner, spoke about the key issues of urban climate adaptation in the Fenntartható Közösségek Alapítvány, Több, mint zöld! podcast series. During the discussion, they explored the links between climate adaptation and mitigation, outlined the regulatory background of these areas in Hungary, and discussed what climate considerations are already present in the planning phase of constructions. Furthermore, the discussion will reveal the main challenges and issues in the field of sustainability at national level and the good international examples to keep in mind.

🔊🎧 You can listen to the podcast in Hungarian at the link below:

🎥 The video recording of the discussion in Hungarian can be found here:

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