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Greenbors participation in the development of the HuGBC Zero Carbon Recommendation

Market demand for carbon-zero buildings has also increased as a result of global programmes and regulatory processes.

🌡 ❔ The challenge is that there is no single definition of what net zero carbon (NZC) means and the path to it, with differences and overlaps between schemes. How can we choose the right scheme?

✅ 💡 In its Zero Carbon Recommendation, HuGBC has summarised the domestic applicability of schemes and the main criteria that support the choice between schemes.

In developing the HuGBC Zero Carbon Recommendation, the HuGBC Zero Carbon Working Group reviewed international Net Zero Carbon (NZC) building definitions and the net zero programmes and ratings of other international Green Building Councils (GBCs).

Annex 3 of the Recommendation provides a detailed assessment of international green building and zero carbon rating schemes (e.g. LEED, EDGE, DGNB, Level(s)) that offer developers and building owners/operators the opportunity to certify their projects as zero or carbon neutral.

📥 The recommendation can be downloaded from the HuGBC website:

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